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The Aspergillus Website editorial team are part of a wider organisation that has expertise on the diagnosis and treatment of all types of fungal infection and connections with clinical, research and patient & carer teams throughout the UK, and globally working in many aspects of medical mycology. We can provide exertise and information on many aspects of fungal infection including the outstanding needs in many parts of the world for awareness, diagnosis and treatment.

This section of the Aspergillus Website provides access to any material we release specifically intended for media consumption, but you may also find items of interest in our Newsletters, News blog and in our twitter feed at @AspergillusWeb

We are happy to respond to queries from the media on many aspects of medical mycology though you will find many answers in our associated websites at the following locations:

Other helpful websites include

For direct enquiries you may contact us at and 0161 291 5866
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