Searching the Aspergillus Website

Global Website search

At the top left of every page users will find a text box into which they can enter any text, one or more words to search the website and resembles the Google search box in action.This search box is quite sophisticated and will find your results even if you only type in part of a word or phrase. It uses word proximity to work out which result is most relevant to your search.

If you are unsure of spelling or short phrasing this box will suggest alternatives

This is the search to use if you are unsure what you want - for example you might know that you are looking for an image on bronchitis: in which case you would search using 'bronchitis' and then choose content type 'Images'. At the time of writing the search tells me that there are five images listed for the search term 'bronchitis' (see below).

Clicking on the select box next to 'Images' gives us a list of five images (see below). You simply unclick to go back.

  1. Note the search page has several components
    1. A new search box underneath which is information on the number of search results
    2. Basic search results - if there are no results it might suggest an alternative search under 'Did you mean...'
    3. On the left (or at the bottom if you are using a smartphone/small tablet) are a series of clickable links and boxes which you can use to refine and sort your search e.g. sort by relevancy, date, title, filter by author or content type, filter by post date. By careful use of all the choices offered you can often find what you need more easily.
    4. Paging tabs in the bottom of the page that take you to further pages of your search results

Website section search filtering

Several website sections have simple database filters in place - below is the database filter presented for the Articles section. Each text box search will ONLY find exact matches to the words or part-words you type in - for example if I type in 'Denn' into 'Authors' in the articles section and click 'Apply' I get the following:

The text box may offer you some matches as you type but these are only matches from the listing in the database, they are not suggested alternatives.

You do not get any leeway with typing mistakes, you do not get suggestions for matching words and you do not get 'Did you mean...' in the search results. You have to know what you are typing into these filters is correct. Consequently although this filter is powerful and fast if you are at all unsure about what you want to search for, use the global search box at the top of the page rather than a filter.