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Critical Care Self Assessment Program (CCSAP) Fungal Infections in the ICU By Christine M. Groth, Pharm.D., BCPS; and Elizabeth S. Dodds-Ashley, Pharm.D., MHS, BCPS, AQ-ID


  1. Classify a critically ill patient’s risk of invasive fungal infection.
  2. Construct an algorithm for routine surveillance of invasive fungal infections in the ICU.
  3. Distinguish key considerations for a reasonable prophylactic, preemptive, or empiric antifungal therapy regimen for a patient in the ICU.
  4. Justify antifungal treatment algorithms designed for the ICU based on current evidence.
  5. Evaluate the newer antifungal agents and their relative advantages and disadvantages in the ICU setting.

Microscopy tutorials from iBiology: excellent for newcomers to the subject

These video's are also available in our Medical and Patient Video's educational section

The New Antifungal Toolkit: The Pharmacopeia and Beyond

The New Antifungal Toolkit: The Pharmacopeia and Beyond is an Internet CME curriculum that will provide current information about new FDA-approved agents/formulations for the management of invasive fungal infections (IFIs) and evaluate the role of these newer options in strategies to optimize antifungal therapy. As such, the activity will move beyond the typical drug pharmacopeia to address dosing in special populations (eg, pediatrics, patients with renal insufficiency, specific host types), health economic data, as well as comparative effectiveness, where appropriate. The activity will also include a broader pharmacopeia of all FDA-approved agents for invasive mycoses as a useful point of comparison as well as a practice reference. Two updates cover additional FDA approvals and keep the learner up to date as research data for newer agents mature and clinical experience grows.

ESCMID online lectures in Medical Mycology and Aspergillosis (2012).

Interactive masterclass: Management of chronic and allergic pulmonary aspergillosis by Prof David Denning. Slides and videos are presented.
As presented at the 5th AAA meeting in Istanbul 25th January 2012.


Online Training - Medical Mycology module with case examples  Molecular Diagnostics Tutorial

The slides section contains:

  • Many slide presentations from most scientific conferences updated as they are released 
  • General slide presentations designed to educate on fungal infections, treatment with antifungals and management of specific infections.

 Videos including 

A fine needle biopsy of the lung, 
A bronchoscopy
Removal of a fungal ball from lung
A nasal endoscopy 
A fungal ball removal from the sinus
Endoscopic treatment of sinusitis 

are all available to view for clinical teaching purposes.

  • Aspergillosis for Patients Meeting held in Rome in Feb 2010 . This international meeting was recorded especially for patients with aspergillus related problems- designed to provide a resource for patients and address some of their questions.
  • Many patient interviews with CPA, ABPA and aspergilloma with drug resistance, can be viewed with information on their symptoms and treatment - now in the teaching videos section.
  • The video clips section contains a set of short cell biology video clips representing a visual image of the interaction between human phagocytic cells and fungal elements.

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