Aspergillus Genomes

CADRE Genomes ( is now obsolete and deactivated. For genomic information please go to the resources listed below

Researchers can also access the following genomes at the following organisations:


Also see the JGI Mycocosm for information on the Genomic Encyclopedia of Fungi: a range of interests into the fungal genomes that impact on mycorrhyzal symbiosis, plant pathogenicity, biocontrol as well as industrial applications such as lignocellulose degradation, sugar fermentation and other industrial applications.


Information on

  • 123 assembled genomes 
  • >1 000 000 protein sequences
  • 199 000 genes

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Aspergillus oryzae Projects at NITE, Japan

Aspergillus Genome Resources
Aspergillus information gateway page at the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI). 
Genes of medical interest
1000 Fungal Genomes Project contains several Aspergillus genomes not present elsewhere

Other Search Tools and Resources:

General Aspergillus Resources (With thanks to AspGD)

Aspergillus Genetic Information
Aspergillus home page at the Fungal Genetics Stock Center (FGSC).

The Aspergillus nidulans Linkage Map
John Clutterbuck's web site at the University of Glasgow, with A. nidulans linkage data and maps, gene lists and functional information, strain information, and references

Aspergillus Comparative Database
Genome sequence, annotation, and tools at the Broad Institute; includes A. fumigatusA. flavusA. nidulansA. nigerA. terreusA. oryzaeN. fischeriA. clavatus.

Aspergillus nidulans Gene Knock-Out Cassettes from the FGSC
The Fungal Genetic Stock Center (FGSC) can provide DNA suitable for transformation or amplification. A spreadsheet listing the cassettes and primers is available for download, and more information is available on the FGSC web site.

Aspergillus fumigatus Genome Project at the Sanger Institute
Sequencing and annotation of the A. fumigatus genome, performed at the Sanger Institute.

CADRE Aspergillus Metabolic Pathway Database
This resource is now discontinued, do not be misled by other websites claiming to be associated with CADRE.

Aspergillus Genome Project at JCVI
Host pathogen interactions in Invasive Aspergillosis at the J. Craig Venter Institute (JCVI).