Antifungal Drug Interactions

Antifungal Interactions Database and Smartphone APPs: UPDATED

The FIT antifungal database and APP is now in version 2.

The main change is that the APP will update itself completely automatically as you use it, so the information you see will be the latest information we have found. There is also a single APP for both patients and doctors whereas before they were separated. Once installed users are prompted to specify which dataset they wish to see.

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PC database

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APPLE devices iOS - Unfortunately Apple have refused to host this APP on the grounds that it
isn't complex enough to warrant inclusion in the Apple store. The good news is that the
Antifungal Interactions database webpage is now highly flexible and is highly usable in the
smaller browsing formats. To add a button to the website to your iOS phone or tablet please do
the following:

To add shortcut button to Apple phone:

  • Browse to using SAFARI
  • Click 'Share' button at top of screen (the box with upwards arrow)
  • Click 'Add to Home screen'
  • Give the button a title e.g. 'Antifungal Interactions'

Also see

In conjunction with Stockley's Drug Interactions.   Background information for antifungal interations.pdf

There are also specialised databases that describe drug:drug interactions when using drugs commonly precribed for the treatment of HIV and Hepatitis